Thorvald G Andersson, Applied Semiconductor Physics

Power Electronics and Wind Energy
Ola Carlson, Electrical Engineering

Optical Imaging
Mattias Goksör, Experimental Physics

The Chemistry and Physics of Ionic Liquids
Per Jacobsson, Department of Applied Physics

Material Science
Bengt Kasemo, Chemical Physics

Methods to analyze multidimensional gene expression data
Mikael Kubista, Department of Chemistry and Biosciences

Optical spectroscopy and microscopy
Mikael Käll, Condensed Matter Physics.

Structural Characterization of Membrane Proteins involved in Bacterial Infections
Arjan Snijder, Göteborg Center for Structural Biology

Lise Bender Jörgensen, The Swedish school of textiles

'Intelligent' Adaptive distributed architectures for mobile robot control
Ian Sillitoe, School of Engineering

Development of biomaterialfibre composite materials for dental and medical applications.
Mikael Skrifvars, School of Engineering

Cultivation and Fermentation technology
Mohammad Taherzadeh, School of Engineering

Information Resources Management (IRM) in private and public organisations
Irene Wormell, Swedish School of Library and Information Science

Protein transport in plants
Henrik Aronsson, Botanical institute

Analysis of sequence alignment covariances
Anders Bergkvist, Department of Molecular Biology.

NMR for Structural Proteomics: creating a high-throughput environment
Martin Billeter, Biophysics Group, Department of Chemistry

Interactions of dendritic cell lectins with glycosylated antigens - possible mechanisms for modulation of immune responses
Malin Bäckström, Department of Medical Biochemistry

Yun Chen, Department of Physiology

Cytoskeleton and protein folding in mammalian cells
Julie Grantham, Cell and Molecular biology

Structural studies of membrane proteins by nmr
Maria Johansson, Swedish nmr center

Molecular mechanisms of cold tolerance in oat
Olof Olsson, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Vladislav Orekhov, Swedish nmr center

Research in differential geometry and global analysis
Valeri Marenitch, Department of mathematics

Materials Physics
Kjell Magnusson, Department of Physics

Structure and Consequences of Human Genome Variation
Tony Brookes, Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, Karolinska Institute

Liam Good, Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, Karolinska Institute

The function of the nervous system at the cellular and molecular
Sten Grillner, Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology

Host - microbe interactions: new approaches to functional food development
Joseph Rafter, Department of Medical Nutrition

Activation of B lymphocytes
Eva Severinson, Department of cell and molecular biology

Spin molecular electronics
Anna Delin, Material science

Cellulosa derivatives
Monika Ek, Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology

Research and Education in Energy for the future
Torsten Fransson, Department of Energy Technology

Image processing
Bastiaan Kleijn, Department of Signals Sensors and Systems

Nanofabrication of silicon by electrochemical etching
Jan Linnros, Department of Microelectronics and Information Technology

Crystallization of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals
Åke Rasmuson, Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology

Mathematical modelling of the electrolytic pickling of steel
Michael Vynnycky, Department of Mechanics

Innovative energy technologies for CO2 capture and storage
Jerry Yan, Chemical Engineering

Development of a model of aortic hypertrophy and impaired baroreflex regulation in fetuses
Jordi Altimiras, Institute of Physics and Measurement Technology

General relativity and differential geometry
Brian Edgar, Mathematics Department

Thin Film Physics
Ulf Helmersson, Plasma & Coatings Physics Division

Organic electronics, with particular emphasis on polymer photovoltaics
Olle Ingenäs, Biomolecular and organic electronics.

Nanocrystals for biomedical and sensing applications: synthesis and computations
Per-Olov Käll & Lars Ojamäe, Department of Chemistry, IFM

III-nitride semiconductors
Bo Monemar, Department of Physics and Measurement Technology.

Characterization of Gd-nanoparticles to be used for MRI contrast enhancement
Kajsa Uvdal, Sensor Science and Molecular Physic

Optimization methods and algorithms for communications networks
Di Yuan, Department of Science and Technology

Ground water
Sten-Åke Elming, Applied Geophysics

Zeolite membranes and catalysts
Jonas Hedlund, Division of Chemical Technology

Composites Manufacturing: Materialdesign by flow control
Staffan Lundstrom, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Characterization of internal interfaces in polycrystalline materials
Magnus Odén, Division of Engineering Materials

Human communication over the Internet
Peter Parnes, Media Technology

Biomolecular polymer technology
Maria Kempe, Department of Experimental Medical Science

Physiological optics and early visual processing
Ronald Kröger, Department of Cell and Organism Biology

Quantum computing and quantum state storage
Stefan Kröll, Division of Atomic Physics

Protein Crystallography
Derek Logan, Molecular Biophysics

Extremophilic microorganisms and their enzymes with special emphasis on alkaliphilic microorganisms
Bo Mattiasson, Department of Biotechnology, Center of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Structure -property relations of polymers
Frans Maurer, Department of Polymer Science & Engineering

Genes and enzymes involved in metabolism of nucleic acids precursors
Jure Piskur, Cell and Organism Biology

The structure and function of metalloproteins studied by theoretical methods

Discovery and development of novel antimicrobial peptides
Artur Schmidtchen, Department of Dermatology

Ulf Ryde, Department of Theoretical Chemistry

Sergei Silvestrov, Department of Mathematics

Light induced properties in chemical systems
Villy Sundstrom, Department of Chemical Physics

Food Engineering
Christian Trägårdh, Department of Food Technology

Organometallic chemistry
Ola Wendt, Inorganic Chemistry

Fluid mechanics, multiphase flows, combustion and pyrolysis
Rebei Bel-Fdhila, department of public technology

Gunnar Hörnsten, Analytical Biochemistry

The killer cyanobacteria: a molecular biology approach to a global environmental problem
Rehab El-Shehawy, Department of Botany

Ocean/coastal dynamics
Göran Broström, Jonas Nycander, Department of Meteorology

Molecular mechanisms of maintaining gentic stability in aging and in preventing cancer
Thomas Helleday, Dept. of Genetics Microbiology and Toxicology

High Energy Physics at the ATLAS experiment
Sten Hellman, Dept. of Physics

Ülo Langel, Department of Neurochemistry and Neurotoxicology

Lipid Rafts and T Cell Signalling
Ingela Parmryd, Department of Cell Biology

Chemical Physics
Lars G.M. Pettersson, Department of Physics

Chemical probes for trippel-stranded DNA
Rula Zain, Department of molecular biology and functional genomics

Molecular studies of the Arabidopsis - Leptosphaeria maculans interaction
Christina Dixelius, Department of Plant Biology.

Biochemical and molecular genetic characterisation of the cellular deoxynucleoside kinases: key enzymes in the activation of anticancer and antiviral drugs
Staffan Eriksson, veterinärmedicinsk biokemi

Sensory biology, chemical ecology and integrated pest management.
Bill Hansson, Division of Chemical Ecology

Understanding the Odour World of Insects: Insect Olfcaction, Ecology and Practical Applications
Mattias Larsson, Department of Crop Sciences

The role of mast cells in disease
Gunnar Pejler, Department of Molecular Biosciences

Detection and characterization of animal, human and environmental strains of Listeria monocytogenes isolated in Libya
Wilhelm Tham, Faculty of veterinary medicine

Phylogeny of the holarctic family Fuscideaceae (Ascomycota)
Göran Thor, Department of Conservation Biology

Magnus Åbrink, Department of Molecular Biosciences

Martin Wierup, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Public Health

Infections diseases of camels in Africa
Set Bornstein, Department of Parasitology at the National Veterinary Institute

Einar Hallberg, Section for Natural Sciences

Light-emitting and electrochemically active polymers for optoelectronic applications
Ludvig Edman, Department of Physics.

Functional studies on the Deg/HtrA proteases of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
Christiane Funk, Department of Biochemistry

Personal Verification for Mobile Devices
Haibo Li, Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

Dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids
Jürgen Schleucher, Department of Medical Biophysics

Comparative Genomics / Molecular Evolution of of Translation
Dave Ardell, Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics

Drug delivary
Per Artursson, Department of Pharmacy

Hans-Eric Carlsson, Department of Neuroscience

Transport theory for mesoscopic systems
Jonas Fransson, Physics Department

Intracellular transport and modification of secretory proteins
Erik Fries, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology

New approaches for protein and nucleic acid diagnostics
Ulf Landegren, Department of Medical Genetics Uppsala Biomedical Center

Particulate delivery systems for peptide drugs
Martin Malmsten, Department of Pharmacy

Mathematical analysis and mathematical physics
Michael Melgaard, Department of Mathematics

Time-dependent Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics and Electromagnetics.
Jan Nordström, Department of Information Technology

Energy production from biomass
Mehri Sanati, School of Technology and Design/Chemistry

Design of Novel Photodynamic Drugs
Leif Eriksson, Department of Natural Sciences

Metal forming
Magnus Jarl, Department of Technology

An industrial robot and a laser scanner as a flexible solution towards an automic system for reverse enginnering of unknown objects.
Johan Kjellander, Department of Technology

How is the immune system affected by the exposure to perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS)
Peter Kjellen, Orebro Life Science Center